Hi! I’m Rys. I started this blogging/vlogging craze uploading videos on Youtube. Though i have become super busy with school, so i find it very difficult to upload. I have the ideas, it’s just hard to get time to film them :(. Soo, i’ve come up with this bright idea to start a blog! I know a lot of youtubers have started out with blogs, like Zoella and Michelle Phan and it’s funny because i told myself not to start a blog first, to skip this step and just brave it on Youtube and now, i’ve ended up here. It’s inevitable, this blogging thing i guess haha. 

So, yea, i feel like blogging will be so much easier than filming, i can even do it in my pjs in bed if i wanted to (which is probably what i’m going to do most of the time haha). I do plan on continuing Youtube, but i don’t think it’s going to be realistic in the time being. 

That’s it for now! Love you my lil’ Ryses pieces! (terrible name i know! sorry! any other ideas would be greatly appreciated)

♡ Rys


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